DOT: HAZMAT: Security Awareness

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


It is necessary for employees and managers working with hazardous materials to be able to maintain high security measures and know the protocol for preventing theft during deliveries and shipments. It is also important to know how to store these materials, and protect the privacy of where they are stored and when they are shipped. There needs to be caution because of the threat of those who may tamper with the material, including terrorists.

The training is divided into major sections including: Internal Security Measures, Recognizing and Securing HAZMATS, Preparing to Ship HAZMATS, Shipping HAZMATS, and Unloading HAZMATS. It is important to keep all safety protocol in mind when dealing with highly hazardous materials. The threat of terrorism is serious, and learning how to safely protect material, and ship and receive it is crucial. Reporting a damaged shipment or a shipment that looks like it has been tampered with has a certain procedure as well. By following these guidelines employees are helping protect not only themselves and coworkers, but also the entire country.

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