DOT: In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team



This Video On Demand course focuses on strategies to protect facilities handling hazardous materials from terrorist attacks and how to transport HAZMATS securely. This in-depth HAZMAT security training addresses the need to identify security risks at facilities that store, ship and receive hazardous materials, the risks associated with specific hazardous materials and ways to manage the risk of transporting HAZMATs. It covers written security plans, vulnerability assessment and target hardening strategies, managing the risk of receiving hazardous cargo, preparing and transporting hazardous shipments, and ensuring security while en route. Provide this video training to reinforce how each employee has a responsibility to keep hazardous materials out of the hands of terrorists to deprive them of the weapons needed to carry out plots. Help your employees protect themselves, the company and the country from terrorist attacks with this video training. 

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