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When you stop and think about it, there really is a type of eye protection for any situation. From reading glasses to sunglasses, swim goggles to ski goggles, when it comes to things we like to do, we don't think twice about what kind of glasses we wear. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for safety glasses on the job. While there are many excuses, "they slide" or "they're uncomfortable;" wearing eye protecting is a necessary part of your work. With this Video On Demand training lesson, you will learn to identify both potential eye hazards as well as proper eye protection. Use the information presented in this video and create a safer work environment for your eyes, and yourself as well.

On the job hazards to your eyes are as numerous as they are dangerous. Flying particles, sparks, broken glass, sharp objects, and even radiant energy and chemical splashes can harm your eyes. You could permanently damage your eyes and perhaps even lose your vision.

While there are various types of safety glasses you may be required to wear depending on your profession, they are all specifically designed to protect your eyes when you are working. The information in this video will inform you of which glasses are best for specific situations. Using this training lesson will give you the knowledge of how to best keep your eyes, and yourself, safe on the job.

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