Forklift Operator Certification 2: Stability

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


While forklifts, or lift trucks, are indispensable to industrial operations, they cause injuries, death, and damage if not operated correctly. These incidents are mostly a result of operator mistakes relating to forklift stability issues. This training course, part of the Forklift Operator Certification series, reviews the basic concepts of using a forklift with load stability in mind.

This course reviews the three points of a forklift’s stability triangle. Diagrams and examples show how a forklift should be balanced as well as how it becomes unstable for use. Forklifts need to be balanced horizontally and vertically with all wheels on the ground during operation.

This course also demonstrates the concepts of forward and lateral stability. Changes in weight and load elevation affects stability. Using the correct operation procedures, as discussed in the course, prevents a forklift from tipping sideways or forward. This course reviews how to safely move a forklift, maintaining stability while in motion.

After viewing this training, forklift operators can put this acquired knowledge into action and help enforce safe forklift operation.

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