Seeing Is Believing: Anti-Racism, Equity And Inclusion In A Diverse Workplace

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


Diversity and inclusion are terms often tossed around without giving it much thought as to what they mean or imply. Taking the time to really see the people you work with, including all their complexities, creates more tolerant, inclusive, more productive and rewarding work environments for everyone. This course defines diversity, and discusses unconscious bias, cultural competency and inclusion, racism and racial identity, and various forms of racism. It offers ways to demonstrate civility, equity, and respect in the workplace. The course also depicts the impact discrimination has on members of the LGBTQ community and how to promote inclusion of them in the workplace. Utilize this course to help employees understand how to appreciate all the diversity in the workplace and behave in a way to help create a more inclusive workplace.


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