Work Teams and the Wizard of Oz

Organization: Knowledge Essentials

Created by: Knowledge Team


Stories are often the most effective way to convey lessons or information. Through its entertaining analysis of “The Wizard of Oz,” with actual footage from this classic film, this course illustrates the requisite elements and practices for helping employees become more high-performing teammates.

From meeting the Scarecrow (forming her first alliance) and building her team (inviting the Tin Man and the Lion to join them) to confronting the Wicked Witch (overcoming adversity), Dorothy (the team leader) demonstrates, inspires, and draws out the strengths and talents of each of her “teammates” as they strive to achieve their shared objective of making it to the Emerald City to the Wizard of Oz. Through this analysis, learners see how by creating and committing to a shared objective, each of the characters also achieved their individual goals.

Present this course to each employee whose work involves work-team collaboration to help them experience the value, impact, fulfillment, and reward of effectively collaborating with diverse co-workers under adverse circumstances to achieve their individual and shared goals.

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